Another Successful Surface Mounted Barrier Impact Test

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Another Successful Surface Mounted Barrier Impact Test

ATG Access are very pleased to announce that a derivative of the LW3 surface mounted road blocker which was exhibited at last week’s Counter Terror show has been successfully impact tested.

The new and innovative ATG Elli surface mounted road blocker was successfully hit with a 1,500kg vehicle travelling at 48kph and achieved NO penetration. The products unique attributes include:

  • Two barriers can successfully be installed within a standard dual lane entrance only leaving a 1200mm gap edge to edge which is recommended by the CPNI office.
  • Installation is incredibly quick and straight forward.
  • Comprehensive safety systems are in place for the hydraulic & electrical elements of the barrier.
  • The product can be easily installed within a suspended slab foundation ranging from 400mm to just 160mm meeting most suspended slab application requirements.
  • Comes fully fitted from the factory complete with pre-drilled holes for all slab/surface installation requirements.
  • Has a blade width of 1,400 mm.
  • Can be installed as a standalone barrier or with sheer ramps surrounding the product to ease low vehicles travelling over the barrier.
  • Produced a vehicle dead stop at 48kph when impact tested this week.

Perfect for applications with minimal depth to install high security products or sites requiring products which are easy to install, maintain and replace.

This type of product is also perfect to provide temporary high security to sites needing to move the barrier and access points around.