A Starting Point

We don’t expect you to always know which product is the most suitable for your security requirements. Feel free to pose the dilemma to our team of experts and let us talk you through the different options.

Our security products are suitable for a wide range of sites. Whether you are looking to stop unwanted vehicles from turning around in your driveway or protect your infrastructure from a terrorist attack, we have a solution to ensure your site is safe.

Our aim is to highlight key areas which should be considered for each application, pointing you in the right direction. With over 25 years of experience, you may want to look at our completed projects for inspiration.

Remember, anything is possible when you work alongside the ATG team.

Counter Terrorism

Infrastructure across the world is at risk of either a accidental vehicular impact or an intentional vehicle bomb attack. View our wide range of site solutions here to see the main types of infrastructure we can protect.


Protect your commercial property from unauthorised visitors, ram-raids and theft by securing your commercial perimeter and controlling vehicle access points in and out of a designated area. View our solutions.


Secure your property and vehicles by controlling access in and out of your driveway. Prevent vehicle theft and would-be-thieves from accessing your garage or property and stop unwanted vehicles from turning in your private driveway. Discover more about our domestic solutions.

Traffic Management

Segregate pedestrian and bus only zones from general traffic by installing traffic management systems within city centres or urban areas. You can dramatically reduce traffic flow within an area successfully or completely pedestrianise specified areas using these effective systems. View our traffic solutions.