Driveway Security

Ensure that your house and vehicles are secure with driveway bollards.

It is crucial to protect your driveway. Particularly if you have expensive vehicles parked outside your property.

Installing security bollards to protect your driveway prevents your vehicles from being targeted.

Open space
Open space

If your driveway is open and vehicles are parked, thieves may well target your property and attempt to steal parked vehicles.


Protecting your driveway and preventing you from being targeted does not need to be expensive. In comparison to the cost of your vehicles and the disruption which a potential theft may cause, security measures are a small price to pay.


If you want to completely stop both vehicles and pedestrians from accessing your driveway. And also stop animals or children from running out into the road. The best security solution would be an automated gate. If you would prefer to still keep your driveway accessible for visitors such as the postman or the milkman or guests in general, a pedestrian friendly solution would be advisable such as security bollards.


Security bollards can be fully automated if needed. These operate very simply by using a key fob to raise and lower the products. Alternatively if you don’t need the products to be automated and are perfectly happy lifting and lowering security bollards into place, fully retractable or lift out bollards may be all you need. If you think a gate would be a better option or you would like a bit more advice. Give us a call and we can help over the phone.


Installation of security bollards and gates is straight forward. This can be done by ATG’s team of experienced engineers. Alternatively a local certified installer can also fit security measures for you.


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    Full Service & After Sales Team

  • Up to 10 years manufacturers warranty

    Up to 10 years manufacturers warranty

ATG Access is a world leading designer and manufacturer of bollards, road blockers and vehicle barrier systems.

Supplying products to over 40 countries, ATG Access are market leaders and have over 27 years of experience in the physical security industry.


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