Protecting Arsenal Emirates Stadium | Case Study

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Protecting Arsenal Emirates Stadium | Case Study

Securing Arsenal Emirates Stadium With PAS 68 Bollards

The Arsenal Emirates Stadium in London is home to the famous Arsenal football club. After a stadium upgrade the site was in need of some high security for its perimeter and access control points.

ATG Access were approached by the client to provide a strong high-security solution to the stadium. SP1000 automatic and static bollards were chosen for the security directly surrounding the stadium arena. This product is one of the strongest available in the marketplace successfully arresting a 7.5-ton truck at 50mph.

For access control points further away from the main stadium, SP100 manual and static bollards were chosen. These products still provided the area with an impact rated bollard but are operated manually to restrict access points which are used only a few times per day.

A bespoke variant of the SP1000 high-security bollards were used for the main stadium entrance as these had to be fitted with emergency service locks. This enables the perimeter to be accessed by the emergency services in a hurry to serve the stadium effectively.

Case Study – Arsenal Emirates Case Study from ATG Access on Vimeo.