ATG Access Announces New Partnership With AVS-Elli

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ATG Access Announces New Partnership With AVS-Elli

ATG Joins Forces With Australian Road Blocker Manufacturer AVS-Elli

ATG Access is proud to announce its latest partnership with AVS-Elli in Australia.

AVS-Elli is an innovative design and manufacturer of surface mounted, security blockers based in Melbourne, Australia. ATG Access will be representing four of the company’s cutting edge products in the UK and throughout their substantial international distribution network.

New Surface Mounted Blockers

The first of the AVS-Elli impact tested range is the LW3 blocker which is a small, surface mounted road blocker. The product is lightweight and incredibly easy to transport anywhere it is required.

Also able to be used for temporary security at high profile events, the product can be successfully fitted and fully operational within 40 minutes. When not operational, the blocker acts as a traffic calming measure.

The LW7 blocker and its variations is a much wider and more substantial surface mounted blocker. This product still has the same credentials as the LW3 – lightweight, very simple and quick to install and also transport globally.

The product secures a wider entrance area and can be installed with an extension ramp surrounding the product to ensure even cars with low range suspension can drive over the product safely.

No loops are required for the operation of either blocker meaning they can be installed to secure areas even within a suspended slab.

The way in which the blockers are installed does not require any holes in the floor which could potentially weaken a suspended slab foundation.

The blocker range of products are all impact tested in accordance with BSI: PAS 68 and are designed to wrap themselves around an attacking vehicle if challenged.

The road blockers can also be utilised in a two-stage design – the LW3 can be used to slow vehicles down prior to the access point needing security and used to create a first line impact when under attack and the LW7 or LW3 can then be installed at the crucial access control point to stop the attacking vehicle dead and preventing a vehicle-borne attack.

ATG Access are very excited about this new partnership and will be demonstrating the LW3 product at their Counter Terror stand (H60) in April next year.

You can watch the LW7 blocker in action here.