ATG Access wins an unusual security project working for EDF

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ATG Access wins an unusual security project working for EDF

ATG Access was approached by EDF Trading to address a specific site problem. EDF Trading had previously worked with ATG Access to secure the access points to a power station constructed specifically for the London Olympic Games, 2012.

This particular EDF Energy site in the UK required very strong vehicle barriers to protect the accidental impact of heavy duty vehicles into underground gas chamber well heads.

Normally PAS 68 certified or K rated products are chosen to meet a specific site risk factor for anti-terror barriers or bollards to protect against vehicle borne attacks. This product certification test proves to the client that ATG Access products successfully stop a weighty vehicle at a certain speed and are mostly installed to protect against terrorist threats not accidental damage by heavy duty trucks.

This project has highlighted a completely different and crucial need for high security products and in this instance SP1000 bollards were chosen to protect the well heads. The SP1000 product has been tested to 80 kph with a 7,500 kg truck, one of the strongest bollards on the market place. This type of high security vehicle bollard was also chosen for its shallow foundation option. Due to the bollards being installed to protect underground gas chambers, only a certain amount of ground clearance was available to install any form of security barrier. The installation depth was minimal confirming that the SP1000 was perfect for the site as the product is able to be installed in just 112 mm of depth.

ATG Access has worked with EDF Energy contractors to install high security bollards throughout two phases so far. A total of 13 shallow mount SP1000 bollards have been installed at the plant, all finished with a dark green aesthetic look to prevent the products becoming an eyesore within the site.

This unusual project is not in its isolation as ATG Access has also recently been approached to supply and install the high security vehicle barriers for an electrical substation in Singapore. ATG Access will work closely with their local distributor and manufacturing partners for the region, Lai Yew Seng to deliver the project successfully.