Australia Fully Embraces British HVM Equipment

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Australia Fully Embraces British HVM Equipment

Australia adopts hostile vehicle mitigation equipment

Australia is at the forefront of utilising HVM equipment to secure their critical national infrastructure.

Having been involved in a recent steering committee to formalise a global impact test standard alongside European countries, the UK and America – the country seems to be one of the more proactive regions.

The new global impact test standard – IWA 14 has been heavily modelled on the British PAS 68 standard and aims to create a global standard for the equal comparison of high security products.

ATG Access works very closely with our Australian distributor, Leda Security Products. Leda has represented ATG Access products in the Australian market for many years now.

Recently, the number of high security projects in Australia has gained momentum and as a result, ATG Access has secured orders for three different sites.

Sydney Opera House opts for HVM equipment

The Sydney Opera House approached Leda Security and ATG Access with some specific architectural requirements. The iconic building wanted to create a secure pedestrian friendly zone for the top of the incline approach directly outside the Opera House.

This area needed to maintain the option for vehicle access for both emergency service vehicles and the occasional service van delivering special items to the building.

The depth available to install the high security barriers was minimal due to underground car parks preventing deep excavation.

The client chose ATG Access, double retractable SPTT bollards to segregate the area. The unusual aspect of the project was the finish which was required. The project requested that the HVM equipment had a bronze finish.

ATG Access worked closely with the architects and Leda to ensure that the products could be manufactured to the client’s specific requirements.

The second recent project was for an Adelaide Gas Plant. High security bollards were in the building specification and the consulting engineer made sure that the specification was honoured. SP400 Shallow Mount Bollards were used on the project due to their easy and quick installation.

The Gas plant is a very busy site with traffic and staff in and out of the site on a daily basis. The client couldn’t afford for the site to shut down or be disrupted for any great period of time.

Shallow mount bollards suited the brief perfectly and the finish was requested to be yellow to increase the visibility of the bollards for the heavy plant vehicles.

The final recent project was for a site in Melbourne. The main Melbourne Airport terminal building required retrofit high security. The security specification was quite generic and so multiple different ATG Access products could have sufficed.

The slightly unusual client requirement was for the products to be finished with a domed cap to prevent travellers and the general public from leaving items on top of the bollards while they waited outside the terminal.

ATG Access worked with Leda to deliver the finish required. Due to an extremely competent in-house research and development team, meeting client requirements such as these is never a problem for ATG Access.

ATG Access will continue to work with the Australian security industry to deliver products to successfully secure their national critical infrastructure working closely with Leda Security Products.