Boll-Art: The Art of Designing Bollards

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Boll-Art: The Art of Designing Bollards

Are bollards art?

What if you went to a car dealership and discovered that they offer only one model? Same style, same size, same features. That dealership probably wouldn’t fare very well and you’d likely leave feeling a little dejected.

There are certain types of products that just cannot come from the same cookie-cutter mould. Cars are one; bollards are another.

Bollards!? Yes, that’s right, those metal posts you see dotted along the street can be things of beauty. Bollard design is serious business, we should know we’ve been designing them for over 27 years.

While you might be used to your standard stainless steel or concrete bollard, there are so many more shapes, sizes and finishes out there.

From the weird and wonderful bollards of Geelong, Australia, to the instantly iconic Westminster and City of London bollards, they really show that bollards are so much more than grey posts.

Turning Bollards Into Boll-Art

Here at ATG, we’re firm believers that security doesn’t have to be ugly. Don’t believe us? Just look at some of our stunning bollards from Singapore that have been used to grow plants!

Bollard in Singapore with trellis cage surrounding allowing plants to grow

Call us nerds, weirdos or whatever you like, but in our view, the beauty of boll-art deserves more attention. We love and cherish our diverse bollards ranging from vintage inspired, modernist to classically elegant bollards.

For us, each of our designs has its own charm, each tells another story.

Some of you may, of course, still doubt the necessity of having a wide range of bollards. Some of you may say they’re just metal posts in front of buildings or driveways, right?

No, wrong! But don’t just take our word for it. We asked John Kennedy, author of the brilliant ‘Bollards of Britain’ and ‘Bollards of London’ blogs, to share his top pictures in the capital. He did via his popular blog –


Did John get you all inspired? Yes? So off you go to a Boll-art trip across the UK. Tweet us your #bollART photos – @ATGAccess.

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