British Embassy, Den Haag

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British Embassy, Den Haag

ATG Access were provided with a strict set of project guidelines for this British Embassy project.

In order to maintain access to the embassy and reduce disruption, the client had instructed ATG Access that each access point was to be installed individually. This process also included removing the existing access control equipment from each location during the works.

As part of the planning agreement with the city of Den Haag, the design of the sleeves and the finish (colour and texture) would need submitting to the client for approval. The colour of the automatic bollards also needed to be approved by the city to remain in keeping with the heritage aesthetics.

The main point of control for the bollards was to be via the central security office of the embassy. There were specific requirements for out of hours control, and also a requirement for us to use a particular type of access control system for the emergency services, that needed to comply with a new, city wide standard.

ATG Access needed to minimise the impact of the control systems on the site with particular emphasis on the size and location of the control panels.

There was a requirement to be able to raise and lower the bollards at least once if there was no power available and also a requirement for an emergency rise should the situation occur.

Each access point also needed intercom communication with the Embassy’s control room.

This was a challenging project to deliver but the end result was very rewarding and the client was very happy with the end project.