British & Singaporean Relations Strengthen

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British & Singaporean Relations Strengthen

British and Singaporean business relations go from strength to strength prior to this month’s government trade mission to Singapore.

Vehicle Barrier specialists ATG Access have historically innovated bollards, road blockers and gates to protect critical national infrastructure against terrorist attack.

Working with international partners across the world ATG have recently identified the need to utilise strong and heavy duty barriers able to withstand vehicle impact to protect infrastructure from accidental impact as well as intentional attack which at this high security level is a completely new concept.

Ahead of this month’s trade mission to Singapore, ATG Access’s President Glenn Cooper informed that one of the most commonly identified accidental impacts is the collision of push back tugs and airside columns supporting passenger walk way tunnels within international airports. “These 70 tonne vehicles have the potential to cause serious damage should a collision occur with substantial consequences to passengers and disruption.”

“Having identified this gap in the market, ATG have designed and successfully tested a column protector compromising of a series of composites and steel that successfully absorbs impact shock. This product has passed a stringent British impact test and is the world’s first impact tested column protector; the Herculean Column Guard.”

Now working closely with their Singaporean partner Lai Yew Seng (LYS), a joint-venture enterprise delivering British engineered and tested security to the Singaporean market, the exclusive column protector will be installed first in Singapore.

Having already established themselves as the world’s leading airport supplier of high security bollards having installations at most facilities including multiple terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick, New Doha, Changi and Adelaide international airports, ATG have seen how security and safety requirements at both national and international airports have evolved.

“Modern bollards are aesthetically pleasing. Using a core of steel, we can cover this with a sleeve enabling the high security tested core to fit in with any existing airport design or colours,” says Cooper.

Changi airport is one of the world’s leading airports and has already worked closely with ATG and LYS to secure their existing terminals with shallow foundation bollards. The expanding site is due to embark on another project with this incredibly successful joint-venture over the next two years as they construct a new terminal and upgrade their first airport terminal to cater for over 24 million travellers each year.

A great example of British engineering leading the way in international markets through the support of an innovative partner.