Can a Lorry Attack Ever be Stopped

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Can a Lorry Attack Ever be Stopped

Following the tragic Berlin Christmas Market attack this week, it is clear that physical security measures are needed to stop a new and emerging terror threat – vehicles being used as a direct weapon to maim and harm members of the general public.

This emerging threat has increased the need for temporary security measures to be used to protect crowded places to prevent a vehicle from entering an area. Temporary security measures must be strong enough to stop an attacking vehicle, they must be easily deployed and able to be stored for re-use for future events.

Although measures must be strong, they can not stop pedestrians and visitors from entering an area or turn an area into a fortress.

Products which suit these needs were developed for the London Olympic Games 2012. Since the 8 week event finished in 2012, these products have not really been used for other events. It is imperative that we begin to use the technology which has already been developed by British manufacturers to protect and prevent this new form of threat.

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