Cardiff City Council | Traffic Management to High Security | Case Study

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Cardiff City Council | Traffic Management to High Security | Case Study

From traffic management to high-security bollards for Cardiff City Council

When the major shopping complex in the city centre – St David’s was renovated, Cardiff City Council installed ATG Access, VP traffic management systems outside the idyllic City Hall campus and enforced bus-only lanes within the city at 3 different locations.

When phase two of this renovation project was proposed the city of Cardiff was deemed eligible for the crowded place funding security scheme from the government. This meant that the city centre could upgrade some of their existing VP systems to our high-security SP range of bollards.

The new high street development was within the more traditional, heritage area of the city and so required high-security bollards which were more sympathetic to the areas aesthetics. In order to do this, ATG Access worked with Furnitubes to produce a high-security bollard core with black and gold traditional sleeves.

The latest stage of the redevelopment occurred due to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff being used for some of the Olympic events. Roads needed to be blocked off for the event and the level of security upgraded. ATG Access worked with Cardiff City Council to produce bespoke, stainless steel bollard sleeves featuring the famous Welsh Dragon.

This long standing relationship with Cardiff City Council will hopefully continue for years to come.

ATG Access first established a relationship with Cardiff City Council when they initially installed automatic systems in the city centre. Cardiff has recently upgraded their systems to high-security products to coincide with Olympic events being held within the city. ATG Access has yet again delivered on tight timescales and to the required specification.

Ray Hanigan, Cardiff City Council