Jewel Changi Airport

4 Nov, 2020
Edward Roberts

Securing the Jewel

For anyone who has seen the Jewel Changi Airport, they will instantly recognise it as a miracle of modern design, from its luscious indoor gardens to the incredible 40ft indoor waterfall.

Plans for the Jewel were first announced in 2013 as part of Changi Airport’s plans to double its capacity over the next 10+ years.

Originally born from a need to expand Terminal 1 at Changi Airport, the Jewel instead took on a life of its own, becoming the man-made paradise it is today.

In 2016, we were brought on to the project to provide and install the hostile vehicle mitigation solutions for Jewel complex.

We had previously supplied HVM products for the other terminal projects at Changi Airport.

The Jewel saw its grand opening in April 2019, unveiling the nature-themed entertainment and shopping complex to the world.

Project Background

Having won awards for its architecture, the Jewel spans 1.46 million square feet and ten storeys, with the cost of building the complex coming in at S$1.7Billion.

For such a high-profile project only the highest quality perimeter protection solutions would be suitable.

One of the reasons that ATG Access was brought on onboard is its long history of providing physical security for some of the biggest airports around the world.

Over the years we have helped protect such prestigious sites as Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Hamad International Airport, as well as countless more throughout the UK.

We had also previously worked with Changi Airport in providing HVM solutions for the three terminals that connect to the Jewel.

This combined with our experience working on large scale security schemes meant we were well-positioned to meet Jewel’s unique security requirements.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure in Singapore

In Singapore security is taken very seriously, which is understandable for a country that has a high terror threat level.

In 2017, the Singapore government brought in the Infrastructure Protection Act, requiring sites deemed ‘critical national infrastructure’ to be made more secure with measures to protect the perimeter, access points and technology infrastructure.

Even before this, the country’s commitment to security was obvious, with Changi Airport being a prime example where passenger safety has been at the forefront of the terminal projects over the last eight years.

Over the last ten years, ATG has built its reputation as a trusted security supplier in the region. Our history in Singapore and our ability to manufacture in-country has made us the ideal partner for prestigious projects like the Jewel.

Project Challenges

With any large airport project, the main challenge is ensuring minimal disruption to a site that is open 24/7 and sees footfall from thousands of passengers each day. To reduce any potential interruption to services, it is integral that the work is done as quickly and discreetly as possible.

The Jewel project was no different and that is why we proposed our innovative shallow mount technology, to provide a robust security solution that could be installed with as little disturbance as possible.

Shallow mount bollards are an ideal solution for sites where installing full-depth fixed bollards is just not feasible. Also, shallow mounts have several other benefits over fixed variants.

Choosing Shallow Mount Bollards

Due to their unique design, our shallow mount bollards do not require reinforcing bars, as they are instead fixed to steel plates. As well as requiring fewer groundworks, this substantially saves on time and disruption to the site, with it taking only 1-2 hours to install each bollard.

This means that a row of around 36 shallow foundation bollards (roughly 50 meters of perimeter protection) can be installed in a single night, further minimising any disruption to the site. 

For the Jewel project, we installed Shallow Mount Bollards and Removable Bollards.

Most removable bollards are usually offered as an engineered solution with their performance-based off of the shallow mount or traditional depth bollard variants.

In the case of the Jewel project however, it was important that the bollards were crash test certified to guarantee that the site is protected against potential vehicle attacks.

To meet our client’s needs, we worked closely with our partner in Singapore to test and certify the removable bollard proposed for the Jewel Changi Airport project.

Security Aesthetics

With a site as iconic and architecturally distinct as the Jewel, aesthetics is of the utmost importance. This extends to the appearance of physical security products. To ensure that our security solutions meet our client’s needs, we can tailor the design of the sleeves to any specification to blend into the environment.

We are firm believers that security doesn’t need to be ugly and have developed several creative bespoke sleeves for various sites over the years. In the case of the Jewel Changi Airport, the bollards we supplied for the project were given sleek stainless-steel sleeves to match the modern design of the building.

With extensive perimeter security measures in place, the millions passing through Changi Airport can feel safe attending Singapore’s newest and perhaps most remarkable attraction.

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