Heart of Doha

4 Nov, 2020
Edward Roberts

Securing the Heart of Doha

The Heart of Doha project aims to rejuvenate a 31-hectare site within the heart of the city. The aim is to preserve the historical, downtown of Doha and revive the old commercial heart of the city.

The project has 5 phases with a different contractor for each phase. ATG Access has worked alongside the main architect and the individual contractors to meet the physical security requirements for the regeneration.

Urban areas are protected with physical security measures to prevent unwanted and hostile vehicles from entering pedestrian zones. Measures also protect critical national infrastructure which may have a high threat level.

Products Chosen

ATG Access crash rated bollards installed in the Heart of Doha, Qatar

Over 2,000 ATG Access products were specified and installed throughout the 5 phase project. Products included -

  • Bolt-down static bollards
  • Removable bollards
  • Shallow mount bollards
  • Automatic bollards
  • Road blockers
  • Manual gates

Project Overview

ATG’s ever-growing UK and international reference list and continuous contact with key industry consultants and architects led them to be placed on the vendor list for this prestigious project. Buro Happold was responsible for the security specification for the Heart of Doha.

Meetings between ATG and the main project stakeholders began in 2011 with the first contract not being signed until 2015. The site itself had a multitude of installation challenges for physical security equipment.

The majority of the area is built on top of a suspended slab structure which had sub-structures including parking complexes and service networks.

Working with Gensler; the Engineering Consultant, ATG developed an entire suite of engineered solution bollards designed for a through-slab installation called the SP180 range. Around 520 shallow foundation bollards, 150 automatic bollards and 50 lift-out bollards were ordered from the engineered range to protect the urban area.

The automatic bollards were developed to have integral hydraulics to minimise the number of hoses and cables being installed within the slab. ATG also worked alongside Burns & McDonnell (B&M) to aid them with the perimeter design. Different areas of the site required alternative product types which were to be spaced at varying increments.

ATG completed the site layout drawings for B&M. Finally, ATG kept in contact indirectly with the client-consultant – Time Qatar to keep them updated with the design and engineering process. This ensured that all stakeholders understood the process and the products being designed.

One of the phases is located opposite Al Rayyan Road which is owned by the Amiri Guard. This phase already had products certified to M50 P1 installed along the adjacent road complete with LED lighting lids.

Row of ATG Access stainless steel high security bollards installed in the Heart of Doha, Qatar

To match the higher security specification and the existing installation, ATG offered the client the Gladiator, shallow foundation bollard with a lighting lid engineered to match the existing install. The Gladiator is a unique product in that ATG captured full transferrable energy statistics during the products impact test.

This informs the client exactly what sort of energy transfer they can expect to the surrounding slab structure in the event of an impact. Other products installed throughout the 5 phase project included the Sentinel Road Blocker and Bolt-Down static bollards.

The Bolt-Down statics were installed within the underground car park area to prevent vehicles from hitting the walls and damaging the substructure of the buildings and the suspended slab.

Some of the shallow foundation bollards were installed next to pedestrian crossings, protecting visitors from accidental impact and careless driving.

Unique to this project, some of the automatic products were installed where the tram crosses every single road. This aims to protect vehicles from moving trams.

Local Partner Support

ATG’s local partner in Qatar is Arabian Construction Engineering (ACEC). ACEC was in charge of the installation and electrical commissioning alongside an ATG Project Manager and an ATG Electrical Engineer supervising the project.

A local CAD designer was employed directly to work on the project and produce designs and drawings for the end client. Going forward ACEC will be in charge of the maintenance contract and after-sales support.

Why Did ATG Succeed?

ATG was able to provide the project stakeholders with a complete solution from design to after-sales support. ATG had already established an excellent reputation in the region following the momentous NDIA project and delivering over 4,000 bollards. With local manufacture in Abu Dhabi, deliveries were able to be quick and flexible, meeting demanding project schedules.

ATG’s ability to deliver a completely new, engineered solution to meet the specific site requirements won ATG the contract. This was crucial for the end client. With a strong local partner and an ATG Regional Manager based in Dubai, support was rapid and efficient. ATG Access’ holistic, turnkey solutions offer clients a level of support which cannot be offered in the region by competitors.

Future Benefits

The Heart of Doha project is a fantastic reference site for ATG in Qatar. It demonstrates ATG’s ability to manage and deliver large international projects well.

ATG and their partner ACEC have worked with a vast spectrum of architects, designers and contracts during this project, exposing the company to a wide number of influential local contacts working on other urban redevelopments and the construction of new infrastructure.

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