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Can a Lorry Attack Ever be Stopped

22 December 2016

Following the tragic Berlin Christmas Market attack this week, it is clear that physical security measures are needed to stop a n... More

Impact Tested Barriers are Just as Important for Temporary Event Security

15 July 2016

The UK is probably the most advanced country in the world in having developed a full palette of hostile vehicle mitigation solutio... More

Cyber Security Cyclone

8 July 2016

With substantial investment and focus within the security industry on Cyber Security threat mitigation, there is a worry that the ... More

Six Contracts in Six Countries in Six Days

15 June 2016

On the 14th June 1942, the famous writer and Holocaust victim Anne Frank began writing her diary. Today, the house where she went ... More

Which Driveway Bollard is Best?

Bollards can be used to protect your property and driveway from a multitude of crimes such as vehicle theft, ram-raid attacks on y... More

British Expertise Leads the Physical Security Industry in the Middle East

25 April 2016

Abu Dhabi is a rapidly expanding Emirate with a vast mix of cultures. Local Emiratis make up approximately 15% of the Abu Dhabi po... More

Secured for the Future

3 March 2016

British company ATG Access is not only a global leader in perimeter security solutions, but is also playing a key role in ensuring... More

Regeneration Projects, City of Doha

Currently involved in a multitude of critical national infrastructure protection projects, the latest ATG Access installation prot... More

Safeguarding National Treasures

12 November 2015

Historic, and high-profile, national venues were used as temporary, sporting arenas during London 2012. Not only did these locatio... More

Progress is No Barrier for ATG Access

From humble beginnings, ATG Access, based in the North West of the U.K, has now become one of the world’s leading suppliers ... More