College of North Atlantic, Qatar

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College of North Atlantic, Qatar

Working with ATG Access’s local partner in Qatar – Arabian Construction Engineering (ACEC), the University campus recieved a site risk assessment survey conducted to establish the right level of security required at each access point across the campus.

From the in-depth survey, ATG Access and ACEC were able to design and recommend the most suitable systems to control the flow of vehicles entering and exiting the site on a daily basis.

Due to ATG Access’s substantial product range, all products were able to be offered including rising arm barriers and manual and automatic retractable bollards to guide the traffic flow and to control different parking areas within the site. ATG Access presented the ideal solution of a rising arm barrier to be integrated with automatic bollards and the areas of the site not subjected to heavy traffic flow to be secured using manually retractable security bollards.

Arabian Construction Engineering supported the installation and civil work locally and will also be holding spare parts to support the maintenance and after sales care of the prestigious site.

After the installation was complete, one of ATG Access’s globally placed support engineers visited the site to deliver a full training course to the Universities security team and to complete the on-site commissioning.

This project is a perfect example of a turnkey solution, from survey to commissioning through to onsite training.

The end user is now in charge of running the site with a full and perfect understanding of the security products installed, instilling knowledge and therefore efficiency.