Cyber Security Cyclone

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Cyber Security Cyclone

With substantial investment and focus within the security industry on Cyber Security threat mitigation, there is a worry that the less complicated and sophisticated security threats able to cause monumental damage to infrastructure and businesses may be overlooked.

Protecting business networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access is vital to all blue chip companies. Not only is it vital in terms of risk mitigation, it is also fundamental to business reputation and customer confidence.

What must not be overlooked is the very real threat of a physical security attack. Not only can networks go down and be disrupted during an incident, they can also be hacked when left vulnerable after power supply or servers are damaged by blast.

Holistic security design in this instance is crucial to ensure both physical and cyber security threats are addressed together in one business specific security plan. For larger organisations – one cannot be addressed without the other.

The security initiative ‘Project Griffin’ launched earlier this year aims to ensure that organisations, employees and the general public are aware of terrorism threats and understand the risks and processes associated with the view to heighten awareness, further aiding threat mitigation. Fundamentally prior to raising awareness and delivering training, the correct security measures need to be installed or put in place.

As a physical security manufacturer, ATG Access continues to invest in research and development to make sure that physical security measures are effective, not obtrusive and work alongside daily business operations. Recent projects include both phase 2 and 3 of the Heart of Doha project, Deutsch Bank in Germany, Cultural Forum in Doha, the King Faisal Corniche in Bahrain and multiple projects across the City of London. ATG Access’s expertise is trusted internationally and the quality assurance which lies with British manufacturing remains strong.