Securing GMR Energy Power Plant, Singapore | Case Study

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Securing GMR Energy Power Plant, Singapore | Case Study

Using Bollards And Road Blockers To Protect GMR Energy Power Plant

The Singapore Government had given a contract to GMR Energy (S) Pte Ltd to design, build and own an 800 MW Power Plant at Jurong Island, Singapore.

The plant’s purpose is to generate electricity into the National Grid to restore electricity supply with priority given to the military, rescue and medical efforts amongst others.

All Power Stations of capacity more than 500MW in Singapore are considered key installation category “A” hence the requirement of physical hardening measures & security management system which was imposed by Ministry of Home Affairs.

A tender was issued by GMRE and 5 companies bid for the job. Lai Yew Seng, ATG Access’s partner in Singapore was one of the bidders and were awarded the contract.

The original project requirement was to provide a K4 road blocker to protect the main entrance of the site and a K4 second line of defence before a vehicle can reach the critical infrastructure of the plant.

Sentinel Road Blockers were proposed for the main entrance and SP400 Shallow Mount Bollards were proposed for the second line of defence.

SP400 Shallow Mount Bollards were suggested to secure the area’s perimeter and Sentinel Road Blockers in dual zone twin lane configuration with integrated arm barriers and traffic lights to control entry and exit to the main site.

These barriers were also integrated into the site’s main high-security access control system.

Lai Yew Seng manufactured and installed the high-security products apart from the HPU which was procured directly through ATG Access in the UK.

Lai Yew Seng and ATG Access worked together to supply and design a perfect, functional security solution for the high profile site and ensured that the security controls and integration were bespoke to fit the client’s niche requirements.