Why You Need HVM Solutions For Temporary Events

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Why You Need HVM Solutions For Temporary Events

UK leads the charge on hostile vehicle mitigation solutions

The UK is probably the most advanced country in the world in having developed a full palette of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, but more is needs to be done to protect temporary events.

Many fixed and semi-permanent devices are installed to protect the public realm, crowded places and national infrastructure.

As well as permanent solutions, there are a number of products which can be deployed on a temporary basis to provide a barrier against a hostile vehicle attack within a given zone.

More and more money is being invested into developing hostile vehicle mitigation technologies by both UK industry and government in order to protect temporary events. There has also been extensive testing carried out to verify the performance of these new temporary HVM products.

Whilst these HVM products have been deployed successfully in many areas, there are still some locations where vulnerability and the protective benefits of tested security barriers have not been recognised.

How HVM can help protect temporary events from vehicle attacks

Temporary high security measures are quick and easy to deploy, can be stored for reuse at multiple events across a period of time and can be pedestrian permeable minimising the effect deploying measures may have on pedestrian flow.

For instance, six surface mounted impact tested bollards can be deployed to close and secure a road in just under ten minutes. Not only does this avoid lengthy and disruptive road closures, it allows security managers to respond quickly to threat intelligence if required.

Click here to watch the deployment of surface mounted security bollards able to mitigate a 7.5 ton truck travelling at 30 mph.

Watch the test video here.