International Growth Continues for ATG Access

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International Growth Continues for ATG Access

As ATG Access’s international presence grows the latest secured projects span across the globe.

Following several successful projects in China incorporating the GloBoll bollard, K Max our Chinese distributor have now secured a major order for a quantity of 6 Sentinel road blockers. These are to be installed at Government buildings in Shanghai and represent a major step forward for ATG Access in the Chinese market.

We are also pleased to report that one of the latest additions to our comprehensive product range, the LW7 road blocker, has been specified by a major Nigerian financial institution to be used at various sites across the country to secure vehicle entrances to the buildings.  The LW7 blocker, the largest in the series at 298 cm width, has been designed to withstand high traffic volumes and can be deployed very quickly. It can be installed on a suspended slab with a depth of just 210 mm, bolted to the road surface or within a 400 mm concrete foundation. It is engineered to resist an impact up to 700 kJ.  It is easy to maintain and service and can be incorporated into e.g. a Hesco or Highway Care fencing system. This makes the product a perfect fit for this high security site.

Lai Yew Seng, our licensed manufacturers and distributors in Singapore have recently been working on multiple projects within the Asian region. The Singapore Tourism board invested in a new International Cruise terminal building at Marina south to allow bigger cruise ships to dock on the popular bay.

ATG Access representatives were involved in the initial design stage and shallow mount bollards were the preferred choice by the main contractor. A total of 85 SP400 Shallow mount bollards and 2 Sentinel Road Blockers were installed at this prestigious site.

img_1216_401x301Tokai Engineering representing ATG Access in Malaysia carried on their successful, high profile installations after securing the Singapore Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. 26 Defender bollards are due to be installed to protect the Embassy in Singapore once again demonstrating our global manufacturing footprint. ATG Access will also configure and supply the HPU’s and control boards for the site.

A more local project win for ATG Access has been upgrading the security at Wimbledon Tennis Courts, London. This will be an unusual project as 6 SP1000’s will be supplied to the All England Tennis Club with a specific and customised sleeve design.

The below sleeve has been designed to fit over the SP1000 high security core in Wimbledon’s traditional heritage green colour to make these security products specific to the famous tennis club. This also forms part of ATG Access’s Heritage range of bollard finishes popular with Network Rail and the City of London.