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Lee Craig

IMGP2218Lee Craig joined ATG 25 years ago in 1990 as a Fabricator. At that time the company wasn’t known as ATG; it was a small division of the company VPSP. Lee and another were part of a team of only four and they were welding simple telescopic security bollards each day to serve UK customers.

Initially, Lee was welding with one other on an 8ft bench in a workspace located under the main office stairs. This was just the beginning however of what would become ATG Access. Welding simple security bollards progressed to automation welding when ATG developed their first set of highway approved rising bollards. With this product development came the need for more welders and also the establishment of an in-house panel shop.

17 years later Lee had successfully applied for a panel wiring job and he started to learn on the job under a Panel Assembly Supervisor. Rising bollard systems installed within UK highways have progressed again to high-security automated barriers being installed in the Middle East, South East Asia and many other sites around the world.

Lee has developed a wide range of skills throughout his time at ATG including 15 years of forklift driving, helping with final product assembly, servicing telescopic bollards on site as part of after-sales maintenance and also his newly established skills in the panel shop. Lee Craig will continue to be part of ATG’s rapid growth and continuous development.