Los Angeles Airport (LAX), USA | Security Case Study

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Los Angeles Airport (LAX), USA | Security Case Study

Securing Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Project Background

Los Angeles Airport LAX High Security BollardsLos Angeles Airport (LAX) is the primary, international airport serving Los Angeles and California.

During 2017, the airport was the 5th busiest airport in the world with over 84 million passengers passing through the airport’s terminals.

International airports have been identified by counter-terrorism police and governments globally as critical national infrastructure.

It is advised that assets such as these are protected with physical protection measures to prevent vehicle attacks and security breaches using vehicles amongst other methods.

LAX, working with security stakeholders decided to implement a perimeter security plan for the airport.

Products Chosen

Crash test certified shallow foundation and lift-out products were chosen as part of the LAX airport, perimeter protection scheme.

Project Specifics

Many areas of the Los Angeles Airport perimeter are located on a suspended slab configuration. This meant that the installation of security measures was potentially challenging.

There was very limited depth available for the installation of bollards and the client required both static crashes tested bollards as well as lift-out removable bollards.

In addition to the outlined challenges, the busy site needed to remain fully operational, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The project needed to be delivered in multiple phases to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum.

Finding a Security Solution for LAX

ATG worked with their partner in America – Ameristar Security Products to design a bespoke, high-security lift-out removable bollard to fit within the site constraints of the shallow, suspended slab foundation.

Over 1,000 shallow mount bollards were manufactured and supplied as part of phase one of this project. The advantages of this particular bollard is the speed in which the product can be installed.

The shallow mount bollards do not require any arduous rebar or foundation preparation prior to installing. The bollards are fixed to steel plates which can be connected together off-site and simply lowered into place during the live, site installation saving valuable project time and disruption.

Similar products require deeper foundations, on-site welding procedures and some element of rebar prior to installation. All adding to time and disruption for clients.

Due to manufacturing locally within the USA; the LAX airport project benefitted from competitive lead times. ATG and Ameristar’s in-house engineering capabilities also provided a site layout drawing as part of the security consultation process.

This ensured that all products being used were clearly marked on the drawing with part numbers. Products were then delivered to site with corresponding part numbers which all facilitated a speedy and efficient installation for the LAX Airport client.

Aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel bollard sleeves were fitted to complete the installation with domed tops and a mirror finish.

Los Angeles Airport LAX Removable Bollard Close Up
The custom removable bollards