Lucy Wins the Business Leader of Tomorrow Award

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Lucy Wins the Business Leader of Tomorrow Award

ATG Access’s recently appointed Marketing Executive, Lucy Foster has won the prestigious Business Leader of Tomorrow national award 2012.

After joining ATG Access just over one year ago – Lucy initially joined the company to complete a postgraduate, industrial placement working in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University to embed a marketing capability within the rapidly expanding company.

ATG Access manufactures and installs security vehicle barriers for traffic management, access control and anti-terrorist protection. These range from manually operated retractable parking posts to sophisticated automatic systems for high-security locations such as government buildings and airports.

The KTP with Manchester Metropolitan University set out to embed e-commerce capabilities within the company so that it could achieve growth in ‘budget’ markets where costs and efficiencies had become increasingly significant factors.

Lucy’s research skills uncovered flaws in the company’s data management processes which would impede growth over the longer-term. Her recommendations elevated the issue of customer relationship management (CRM) to board level, securing management attention and financial support. The result was a new strategy to improve business processes across departments to ensure better synergy and integrity of data.

Benefits were seen in reduced administration costs, streamlined purchasing processes on small items and improved overall customer experience. The e-shopping site achieved break-even inside the first three months – highly unusual for e-commerce sites, which rarely recover investments within the first two years.

As a result of Lucy’s training on website analytics and search engine optimisation; search rankings were improved and traffic increased by more than 22%.

She also motivated the sales team to adopt a more professional approach to trade events and modernised ATG Access’s corporate image for the national and international market, helping to recruit distributors in key markets (Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand). She developed a training conference for these international distributors, leading to the first phase of distributor training with new, branded promotional materials.

Market research with distributors to ascertain product gaps within the current ATG Access portfolio highlighted a number of opportunities.

Marketing is now driving R&D to develop new products in the high security market and supporting the distributors in this way has cemented stronger relationships and secured greater involvement and commitment across the international network.

The Associate played a key role in implementing both on and offline marketing strategies for ATG Access, helping to secure business growth of 72%, with sales revenues up from £11m to £19m. She helped the sales team to achieve a 222% increase in sales leads generated from trade exhibitions – and better lead conversion rates and gained respect from people throughout the organisation, including the managing director and major shareholders who have offered her employment after the KTP.

Lucy speaking at the award ceremony at the end of November said, “The opportunities I have had through KTP have been phenomenal. I would never otherwise have had the chance to achieve all that I’ve done – not even on a graduate programme. KTP has been fantastic!”

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