Luke’s Story – Taking On A Triathlon for Brain Tumour Research

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Luke’s Story – Taking On A Triathlon for Brain Tumour Research

A Worthy Challenge

An iron-distance triathlon is one of the most punishing endurance events you can find, taking a special kind of will to put yourself through its hellish rigours. You may ask yourself what would drive someone to put themselves through such extremes? For Luke Foster, it was to raise awareness for a cause he truly believed in and one that unfortunately is sometimes forgotten. Brain tumours are one of the deadliest forms of cancer, killing more children and adults under the age 40 than any other. Luke, an anaesthetist and the twin brother of ATG’s own Lucy Foster, has had his fair share of experience with the devastating nature of brain tumours having seen the destruction it can wreak on patients young and old.

As a medical professional himself, Luke understands that the only way to truly combat this form of cancer is through high-quality scientific research. Despite this only 1% of the national spend on cancer research goes towards investigating this destructive illness. It was for this reason that Luke decided to raise money for Brain Tumour Research. With such an important cause to support, Luke decided that only the worthiest of challenges would do. Most people would flinch at the thought of the gruelling 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycle and final marathon that make up the Outlaw Triathlon, but in Luke’s own words “the pain involved doesn’t even come close to what people with brain tumours suffer”.

Taking on the event

While Luke had previously completed sprint and Olympic triathlons he’d never undertaken something quite like this. In preparation for the event, he spent seven months training, day-in and day-out to get to the level of fitness required for the Outlaw competition. Taking place last Sunday on 29th of July, the event kicked off at 6 am with the 2.4-mile swim, with Luke managing to take it down in 1 hour 11 minutes. With no time to lose, he was off on the cycling stretch, enduring horrendous conditions over the 112-mile journey. Disaster almost hit when the torrid weather caused Luke to come off his bike resulting in a nasty fall. Nevertheless, he soldiered on managing to complete the cycling section in 7 hours and 8 minutes.

Luke Brain Tumour Research Ironman Marathon Article Image
The final stretch
Luke Brain Tumour Research Ironman Swim Article Image
Luke after the 2.4-mile swim
Luke Brain Tumour Research Ironman Cycling Article Image
Next up a 112m cycle


The final and perhaps toughest leg of triathlon was underway, tired from the previous two sections, the runners now had to face an entire marathon through the unforgiving downpour. With the end nearly in sight, the rain finally halted giving way to sunshine and some much-needed respite for the runners for the final hour of the race. Despite having already covered over a hundred miles, Luke completed the 26 m run in an impressive 4 hours and 44 minutes. With his mum and twin sister waiting at the finish line Luke managed to complete the triathlon in 13 hours, a great achievement for someone who describes himself as an ‘overweight and under-powered cyclist’.

Supporting a great cause

So far Luke has managed to raise an incredible £2,211 for Brain Tumour Research, a testament to his hard work and determination. ATG is glad to have contributed to such a good cause and we have all been inspired by the effort displayed by Luke. If you would like to make a donation you can visit Luke’s just giving page. We also urge you to visit the Brain Tumour Research website where you can find out more about how you can support this fantastic charity.