Meadow Shopping Centre – Case Study

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Meadow Shopping Centre – Case Study

Project Background

Meadow Hall Shopping Centre is one of the UK’s largest, indoor shopping centres with nearly 300 stores, many restaurants and a cinema.

There are multiple vehicle and pedestrian entrances and car parks around the shopping centre which needed high security vehicle mitigation equipment to protect the infrastructure.

A full vehicle dynamic assessment, foundation design and bespoke product design were required to meet the security and operational requirements for the site.

ATG Access worked with a number of contractors throughout the project as well as some 3rd party, product suppliers to deliver the security brief.

Project Specifics

ATG Access worked closely with a third party consultant and undertook a vehicle, dynamic assessment to highlight the areas which were at risk of attack. Also the average speeds which vehicles would be able to achieve whilst moving through the site.

Once the threat level had been determined, ATG Access was asked to make product recommendations with sympathy and consideration to the operational procedure of the centre.

Chosen Solution

Impact tested arm barriers were recommended to protect the service and loading bays. These entrances were vulnerable as they provided access to areas within and underneath the building. Security measures needed to be able to cope with multiple operations every hour and be integrated with screening/verification measures.

Arm barriers were installed one entrance at a time to minimise disruption and were integrated with the central, building management system.

To the ground floor of the shopping centre, static shallow mount bollards, traditional depth static bollards and manually retractable bollards were chosen.

Shallow foundation bollards were utilised to secure critical access points due to their quick and straightforward installation. This minimised site and operational disruption significantly. For the areas less critical to daily operations, traditional depth, reinforced concrete products were installed. Matching manually retractable products were installed to provide occasional vehicle access to ground floor areas. These security bollards are raised and lowered using a hand-held battery operated drill.

Within the car park area, there is a pedestrian entrance. This entrance has been secured with surface mount bollards and bollards installed through the suspended slab. This installation was completed to a bespoke design to meet the load requirements of the suspended slab structure.

Project Summary

The Meadow Hall shopping centre has been secured with hostile vehicle mitigation equipment protecting the infrastructure and the general public from vehicle borne attacks.

Work carried out during the shopping centre security upgrade aimed to cause minimum disruption so that daily activity could continue.