Security Upgrades For Network Rail Sites

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Security Upgrades For Network Rail Sites

How ATG products are protecting Network Rail sites in the UK

In July 2012 the government unveiled a £9.4bn spending package for upgrading the UK railway infrastructure across England and Wales. This has been described as the biggest investment in rail infrastructure for the last 150 years.

The Department of Transport who is responsible for the overall investment is predicting this project to deliver capacity for 140,000 extra daily commuters across the country.

One of the objectives for the project is to relieve the London underground services by providing fast overground services into the capital city.

This recent announcement has sparked a lot of public attention but unbeknown to most; major security upgrades have been executed across all major network rail sites for the last two years.

ATG Access who is the UK’s largest supplier of perimeter security equipment successfully bid for contracts across twenty-five national railway stations with approved contractors. The security company has installed a vast range of high-security equipment under the railway initiative, “vehicle access to train stations.”

This government-funded scheme came from an earlier “franchised, strong security project.” Paula Haustead, the senior commercial scheme sponsor from Network Rail spoke last week about the recent security upgrade: “When looking to secure our sites we approached ATG Access as they were able and willing to provide bespoke product design and products to specifically suit our needs from an early stage. The results have been very successful and ATG Access is a great example of a private sector company willing to invest in research and design for the benefit of public security.”

With security equipment installation now complete across twenty-five major railway sites including many City of London sites and Glasgow’s Queen Street station: this next phase of government spending means further expenditure on public security.

After shocking terrorist attacks such as the London Underground bombings in 2005; it is reassuring to know that contractors are not taking any risks when it comes to the level of security barriers deployed within UK mainline rail stations. Private sector companies such as ATG Access will continue to work with the public sector, contractors and architects to develop high quality and innovative equipment to protect the general public whilst commuting on new and existing lines.

I could not let the opening of King’s Cross Square last week pass without writing to you personally to thank you for your individual support to the project. The opening would not have happened without committed teamwork and I can see that has been excellent, but also projects like this are not delivered without considerable personal effort.

Thank you for your support to the project and congratulations on what was a very successful event, well done.

Simon Kirby, Network Rail