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What do we mean by HVM Bollards?
24 Apr, 2020
- Edward Roberts

Have you ever heard the term HVM Bollards and wondered what it means?

What is PAS 170?
19 Mar, 2020
- Edward Roberts

Released in 2017 by the British Standards Institution, PAS 170 is a standard for testing bollards designed to protect against the threat posed by criminality and accidental impacts.

What is PAS 68?
11 Mar, 2020
- Edward Roberts

In the world of physical security, the PAS 68 specification is something many of us will already be familiar with. It’s become the de facto test standard for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM), but for those outside the industry, PAS 68 is either completely unknown or not fully understood.

What is IWA 14?
11 Mar, 2020
- Edward Roberts

If you’re looking for bollards, road blockers or vehicle barrier systems you may have come across the term IWA 14, but what does it mean? IWA 14 is an impact test standard detailing the method and means of measuring the performance outcome for impact tested vehicle security barriers (VSB).

Strengthening Stadium Security
2 Mar, 2020
- Edward Roberts

Why is stadium security so important? Over the past couple of years, stadiums and tourist attractions across the world have become key targets for terrorist attacks due to the regular heavy footfall in and around the venue.

Which Driveway Bollard is Best?
6 Feb, 2020
- Edward Roberts

With so many options available it can be difficult deciding on which driveway bollard is best for protecting your home. Where do you start? We know it’s not easy making the right decision, so to help you we have put together this handy guide with everything you need to know before buying a bollard for your driveway.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Bollard
6 Feb, 2020
- Edward Roberts

A driveway security bollard isn’t something you buy every day, in fact, once you start searching online for driveway security there are so many different options that it can get quite confusing.

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