Olympic Sites, London 2012

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Olympic Sites, London 2012

Securing the Olympic Sites

Not only did the 2012 Olympic sites need exceptional levels of protection, they also required great sensitivity in how protection was applied, so that there was no damage to the physical environment. Manufacturer of security systems, ATG Access, met the challenge by designing a new breed of bollard and barrier products.

A Strong Heritage

ATG Access has been a leader in high-specification, security installations for over 20 years. It is Europe’s largest manufacturer of bollards, road blockers and bespoke vehicle barriers. Over the last decade, ATG Access has established an international network of partners, and now supplies venues such as airports, stations, stadia and shopping centres across five continents.

The sports sector is one of their major areas of strength. ATG Access has manufactured and supplied perimeter security products for all major, UK sports stadia, including Wembley, the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon, and, the home of Manchester United, Old Trafford.  It was the company’s considerable experience, and innovative approach to product development, which made them a key supplier to London 2012.

A Solid Partner

ATG Access was awarded multiple contracts across the Olympic Park and at other Games’ venues.  The Velodrome, Olympic Stadium, and the Olympic Sailing Village in Dorset, all  benefited from the quality and integrity of ATG’s solutions. In total, more than 860 high-security products were manufactured, installed and maintained.

Security First

The biggest challenge faced by ATG Access, was fulfilling the architectural ambition to turn landmark locations like Horse Guards Parade, and open spaces such as Eton Downey, into temporary, sporting venues. Security installations not only had to be extremely effective, they also had to be deployed rapidly, and removed without causing damage.

ATG Access had developed products that required minimal, civil installation, previously, but London 2012 led their engineers to a new solution: the SP Surface Mounted Bollard.  This system provided protection, through the simple use of an anchor point at each end of the bollard array. As the bollards didn’t need to be bolted down, they could be installed quickly and easily, without damaging surfaces. Engineers also devised a method for integrating the new type of bollard with other security measures to create a strong, perimeter wall. This structure met stringent standards, and was able to stop a heavy vehicle, travelling at speed.

Thinking Differently


Another innovation was the “Barrier in a Box”.  This instant solution closed carriageways to a length of 11 metres, and helped pedestrians and vehicles to disperse smoothly after major events. Following its success at London 2012, it is now part of ATG Access’s core product range.
At London 2012, many of the city’s landmark settings were stars in their own right. ATG Access rose to the security challenge by providing high-performance, discreet solutions that were the first of their kind. The engineering team is now working with master planners and designers from host cities of the future, to showcase the strength and reliability of surface-mounted technology.