Rising Bollards for the Highway

Effective traffic management systems, reducing traffic congestion and protecting pedestrians within busy city centres.

1 Years warranty Made in Britain

    Remote Fault Monitoring

    ATG Access Remote Fault Monitoring lets you track your automatic traffic management systems 24/7 from a remote location.

    VP Traffic Automatic Bollard Range

    The VP Traffic automatic bollard system can operate at speeds of 4-8 seconds raise and lower time. This bollard system can be used in conjunction with multiple different system options to control traffic within a specific area.

    Smart City Traffic Management

    With the move towards smarter cities, it’s time that we start thinking about smarter traffic control, that’s where ATG Smart City Traffic Management Systems come in. ATG Access has over 15 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and installing traffic management systems in counties and cities across the world. In that time, we’ve learned a … Continued