Shallow Mount Bollards

We are the leading manufacturer of impact tested shallow mount bollards, requiring a foundation depth from just 112 mm.

1 Years warranty Made in Britain

    SPTT Shallow Mount Automatic Bollard

    The ATG Access SPTT Shallow Mount Automatic Bollard is a PAS 68 rated security bollard with a unique double action retractable design which ensures smooth operation and acts as a depth saving feature.

    Height: 1,000 mm
    Diameter: 209 mm (top section), 280 mm (bottom section)
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    Excalibur Bollard

    The Excalibur Bollard is a fixed high security bollard, available in two certified variants. The product can be supplied with either a 90 mm or a 125 mm diameter. Manganese steel is a unique material which has extreme anti-wear properties, is very resistant to abrasion and has high impact strength.

    Height: 1,000 mm
    Diameter: 90 mm or 125 mm
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    Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard

    The new Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard has been successfully crash tested to the international IWA 14 impact test standard, making it the slimmest, shallowest and strongest bollard available in today’s security market.

    Gladiator Shallow Foundation Bollard

    The Gladiator bollard is the strongest shallow mount product available in the perimeter security market. The product is impact tested in accordance with both the American ASTM standard and the British PAS 68 standard.

    SP400 Shallow Mount Bollard

    Unlike most PAS 68 rated high security bollards the SP400 Shallow Mount Bollard has a dramatically reduced foundation depth required to install, making it ideal for city centre applications.

    Height: 986 mm
    Diameter: 203 mm (219 mm sleeved)
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    SP1000 Shallow Mount Bollard

    The SP1000 Shallow Mount Bollard is easy to install and is PAS 68 rated. Available in two variants, 150mm as standard and an even shallower 112mm model.

    Height: 1,000 mm
    Diameter: 305 mm (323 mm sleeved)
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