Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard

The Centurion Shallow Foundation Bollard is the strongest, slimmest and shallowest bollard in the industry.

Technical specifications

150 mm x 300 mm (without a sleeve) 158 mm width with the standard stainless steel sleeve
Height Above Ground
1100 mm
Foundation Depth
170 mm
Security Rating
IWA 14 : V/7,200[N2A]/80/90:1.9
Finishes Available
Hot-tip galvanised as standard for comprehensive corrosion protection and then fitted with a decorative sleeve.
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Product Information

The new Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard has been successfully crash tested to the international IWA 14 impact test standard, making it the slimmest, shallowest and strongest bollard available in today’s security market.

Our Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard has been impact tested to the IWA 14 standard using a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 80kph (50mph), with only 2 meters of penetration. The Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard is one of the slimmest high security bollards available, measuring in at just 150 mm in width.

Only requiring 170 mm of foundation depth, this high-security bollard with its shallow foundation can be installed within city centres avoiding the costly disruption and redirection of services. The shallow foundation also minimises the time needed, manpower and cost of installation dramatically in comparison to traditional full depth bollards.

The Centurion fixed bollard’s shallow foundation base units can be supplied in a variety of different shapes and sizes, allowing the bollards to be fitted around street corners and existing street furniture.

Compared to other high security bollards, the Centurion’s slim profile makes it ideal for architects trying to avoid the fortress mentality sometimes associated with perimeter security measures. The Centurion has multiple sleeve options which will suit any urban environment perfectly helping to create a pedestrian-friendly environment.

Hot-dip galvanised as standard for complete corrosion protection the Centurion Shallow Mount Bollard is then fitted with a decorative sleeve to suit your needs. In addition, this high security bollard can also be incorporated into any street furniture items, such as street lighting columns, benches, planters or even bus shelters.

As far as high security bollards go the Centurion combines an incredibly strong HVM solution with aesthetics that can fit any architectural design. ATG Access is the leading manufacturer of physical security solutions, with a wide range of crash tested high security bollards, blockers and barriers. Contact us today to find out more.



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