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168 900 Telescopic Bollard
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Stainless steel
RAL colour
Installation per bollard
Installation per bollard

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1 Bollard
£300 in total
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£250 per bollard

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Optional extras per bollard
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8-10 days delivery

* RAL will take 10 working days

Technical specifications

Diameter (mm)
Wall Thickness (mm)
Galvanised/Colour - 5 mm Stainless Steel - 6 mm
Height Above Ground (mm)
Lifting Weight (kg)
Foundation Depth (mm)
Security Rating
Insurance Company Recommended
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Product Information

168 900 Telescopic Bollard

The 168 900 Telescopic Bollard is larger than most security bollards and ideal for heavy duty perimeter protection on key sites such as police stations, railway station entrances and retail parks.

The ATG Access 168 900 Telescopic Bollard was originally designed to complement our automatic bollard range. This model of retractable bollard has since been utilised where having a larger bollard is the ideal choice to create a more challenging deterrent to would-be-thieves or ram-raiders. The telescopic bollard variant is fitted with a lift-assist mechanism as standard to enable easy operation.

Mainly installed in areas where visibility may be an issue, the increased height of the retractable bollard brings it to the attention of passing pedestrians. The 168 900 Telescopic Bollard can be used on its own or in conjunction with gates or static bollards to secure an entire perimeter.

Available in a variety of finishes, all telescopic models are fitted with a lift assist mechanism as standard. Our unique lift-assist mechanism enables us to supply heavy duty robust security solutions which can be operated by all, as it reduces the lifting weight of the bollard by up to 60%.

All our telescopic bollards are also fitted with ten pin radial integral locks. To operate the retractable bollard, you simply turn the key in the lock, twist the handle and gently lower the post into the outer casing. To secure and restrict vehicle access again you lift up the lid, turn the handle and raise the bollard into the ‘up’ position. You then simply push the lock barrel in with your thumb to secure.

The 168 900 Telescopic Bollard is the perfect retractable bollard for protecting car showrooms, railway station perimeters, retail parks or used in conjunction with the 168 900 Fixed Bollard to offer a complete security solution. We provide free UK delivery for all website orders. Order now for delivery in 8-10 days*

If you need advice on which bollard to buy why not take a look at our handy guide? Alternatively, you can contact us for more information by phoning us on (0) 8456 75 75 74, or contact us here. To keep up to date with all our new products and latest news follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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