LW7 Surface Mounted Road Blocker

The LW7 surface mounted road blocker can be installed and deployed quickly on a suspended slab or bolted to a surface to provide temporary high security for access points.

Technical specifications

Road Blocker Widths
2,980 mm
Height Above Ground
800 mm when fully deployed
Foundation Depth
0 mm - surface mounted / suspended slab 400 mm - permanent install
Finishes Available
Hot-dip galvanised as standard. Can be coated with a polyester finish to a RAL colour specified for an additional cost.
Security Rating
PAS 68: V/3,500(N1/48/90:5.5/0.0
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Product Information

The ATG Access LW7 Surface Mounted Road Blocker is a strong and versatile PAS 68 road blocker, that can be deployed and operated quickly and effectively.

The LW7 Surface Mounted Road Blocker is the largest barrier in the LW series. The road blocker’s design allows it to withstand very heavy traffic loads and also vehicle impact, having been crash tested in accordance with the PAS 68 rating.

Capable of withstanding a 3,500 kg vehicle travelling at 30 mph, this revolutionary security blocker system has a 2,980 mm wide blade and when fully deployed stands up to 800 mm high.

Typically installed on a permanent basis, the LW7 is perfect for applications with a high duty cycle demand. The blocker can be installed on a suspended slab, bolted to the surface or within a 400 mm concrete foundation.

The LW7 is a hydraulic road blocker designed to cope with a high number of operations each hour and can be integrated into any existing control system or supplied with our own sophisticated control software.

Infrared beams and photocells are used to provide safety measures for the automatic road blocker. Additional measures can be added to be site specific.

Hot-dip galvanised as standard to provide comprehensive corrosion protection. Custom specified paint colours are available if required at an additional cost.

A derivative of this blocker has also been impact tested in conjunction with the Hesco Bastion and Highway Care fencing system.

Applications this road blocker can protect:

Any site requiring high-security protection for its access points with a high duty cycle demand. Due to this products versatile installation, it suits a wide variety of applications and secures a wide access point.


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