Remote Fault Monitoring

This is a complex product which can form part of a world class security solution

Technical specifications

300 x 300 x 150 mm Controller Dimensions
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Product Information

ATG Access is now able to monitor your automatic traffic management systems 24/7 from a remote location.

If your bollard system goes into fault, you will be notified within 5 minutes by a phone call from the monitoring centre. As standard 8 potential system faults can be monitored:

  • System not receiving any power
  • Bollard/s failing to fully raise into the ‘up’ position
  • The bollard/s have dropped below the proximity switch and have failed to be pumped back into the raised position
  • The bollard/s have failed to reach the ‘down’ position
  • Safety loop mismatch, loop chattering or faulty loop signals
  • Loop is in detect stage for too long
  • Red lamp failure/fault on the traffic indicator column
  • Mismatch between limits the N/O & N/C

There are an additional 8 available outputs that can be configured to your site based on your own unique operation if you need to.

The system can be retrofitted to most existing installations with minimum disruption, provided there is room in the cabinet for the controller. Typically this is is about 300 x 300 x 150mm. Our engineers will install and test to prove the system is working before they leave and this can normally be done in just half a day, with a standard installation. If you have a very old system, we can still retrofit the remote fault monitoring controller but we may need to use an additional piece of software to make the system compatible to be monitored.

Also available are 3 configurable inputs to the system where potential control may be needed and remote operation can be employed.

The system is designed to run with dual path telemetry, network and GPRS, where if one fails the other will take over giving redundancy to the reporting network. If you are only able to use GPRS, the system will function as well as your mobile phone in that location.


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