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Fixed Security Bollard 114 670
Prices start from: £78.00

Stainless steel
Stainless steel light weight
RAL colour
Installation per bollard
Installation per bollard

We have a team of expert installation engineers working across the UK. If you require us to install your security bollard's, tick the ‘installation required’ box.

1 Bollard
£300 in total
2 Bollards
£234 per bollard
3 Bollards
£156 per bollard
4 Bollards
£117 per bollard
5+ Bollards
£100 per bollard

*Please note that if the product is being installed within existing thick concrete, block paving or rebar structure, this may incur an additional charge.

Add installation Not required
Optional extras per bollard
Optional extras per bollard
Add extras Not required
Quantity of Bollards


8-10 days delivery

* RAL will take 10 working days

Technical specifications

Diameter (mm)
Wall Thickness (mm)
Galvanised/Colour - 5 mm Stainless LW - 3.2 mm Stainless HD - 6 mm
Overall Length (mm)
Foundation Depth (mm)
To client requirements
Security Rating
Insurance Company Recommended (not the LW version)
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Product Information

This product is a large deterrent bollard, ideal for segregating pedestrian areas or protecting a retail window to prevent ram-raid attacks.

With an increased diameter, this product offers an aesthetically pleasing, more imposing deterrent to unauthorised vehicle attack and offers heavy duty ram-raid protection for multiple applications.

A telescopic variant is available to compliment the fixed model. This model is fitted with a lift-assist mechanism as standard and reduces the lifting weight of the product by up to 60%. Available in a variety of different operations and with a range of complimentary products to match. This product is perfect for all commercial security needs.

A lightweight alternative to this model is available in stainless steel with a 3.2 mm wall thickness. This is purely for deterrent purposes and this variation is aesthetically pleasing for applications where style is a priority.

Applications this product will protect; car show rooms, garage forecourts, university campuses and stadium perimeters to name just a few.


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