Semi Automatic Security Bollard 114 1000

This is a complex product which can form part of a world class security solution

Technical specifications

114 mm
Height Above Ground
1,000 mm
Outer Casing Depth
1,550 mm
Lifting Weight
7-8 kg
Finishes Available
Brushed stainless steel as standard with a recess band under the lid for lifting purposes
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Product Information

The 114/1000 Semi Automatic Security Bollard is an architecturally pleasing, fully telescopic product which provides stylish and secure perimeter protection.

To operate the product you simply turn the key in the lock which is located in the base flange. Once unlocked, the bollard automatically raises in part due to a pneumatic mechanism within the inner tube of the bollard. The pneumatic mechanism helps to counter act the weight of the product when you lift the bollard into the ‘up’ position to secure the product in place. To retract the product, you turn the key in the base flange and the bollard will slowly start to retract into the ground, ready to be completely lowered by gently pushing the remaining height into the ground by hand.

The Semi-Automatic 114/1000 is supplied in brushed stainless steel as standard. The product does not have a lifting handle which allows for a more streamlined profile. Instead the product has a recess under the lid providing an area for grip while lifting and lowering

Ideal to provide pedestrian safety within urban areas and suitable to protect against ram-raid attacks; the height of the 114/1000 Semi Automatic Security Bollard ensures that the product is visible for all types of vehicles and pedestrians.

Manufactured to the BSI: ISO 9001 quality standard, this product meets insurance company approval.


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