Sentinel Road Blocker

Road Blockers can be used very effectively to secure access control points, be final denial barriers or create 'tiger-traps' to allow for vehicle searches.

Technical specifications

Road Blocker Width
8 - 12 ft (2.5 m – 4.2 m)
Height Above Ground
38" (965 mm) when fully deployed
Foundation Depth
18" (457 mm)
Security Rating
DOS: K12 L3
Finishes Available
Fully galvanised as standard, a black painted top lid with an anti slip coating. Front plate and lights available.
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Product Information

The ATG Access Sentinel Road Blocker is an impact tested hydraulic road blocker designed for maximum perimeter security. It can be used for high security access control, as a final denial barrier or as a tiger traps to facilitate vehicle searching.

The ATG Access Sentinel Road Blocker deters pedestrians as well as controlling vehicle access. This crash tested road blocker is highly visible when in use. The Sentinel Road Blocker during a typical operation raises and lowers in 4-6 seconds. An emergency fast operation function is available which allows the product to be fully deployed in less than 2 seconds.

The hydraulic operating cylinder is concealed behind a tamper-resistant panel ensuring maximum security. The Sentinel road blocker is K12 L3 certified by the U.S. Department of State.

The blocker is fully galvanised to provide comprehensive corrosion protection. The top lid is painted black as standard with an anti-slip finish. Custom, specified paint colours, and patterns are available if required. An optional front plate with LED lights is also available to increase the visibility of the product to approaching pedestrians and vehicles.


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