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Smart City Traffic Management

Creating smarter, safer, securer cities

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The Smart, Safe, Secure Traffic Management System

Traffic Management Bollards

ATG Traffic Management bollards are available in a non-impact tested version and an impact test certified model. This enables you to install bollards appropriate for your traffic management scheme and security requirements. Traffic Management Bollards can be fitted with LED lights to give added visibility if required.

Control System

Custom built in our own panel workshop, our Control Systems are some of the smartest you’ll find. Whether it’s for smart city centres, pedestrianisation or controlling bus lanes, our Control Systems are the first step in building your ultimate traffic management system.

Traffic Flow

When it comes to traffic calming measures it’s important to choose the right traffic flow option for your system. Whether you need single direction, bi-directional or a twin lane system, our Traffic Management System can be customised to ensure your desired traffic management plan is enforced.

Access Control

From key pads to intercoms, swipe cards to long range readers, we realise that not every customer requirement is the same, so we have a wide range of access control options to suit any site.

Online Monitoring

With smart cities leading the charge towards a more data driven approach, it’s becoming more and more important to have information easily at your fingertips. ATG Traffic Management Systems can be monitored remotely allowing you to track and record all movements through your traffic management systems. If a fault occurs for whatever reason or the system requires a service; the system will alert you instantly, 24/7.

Service & Maintenance

To ensure that your Traffic Management System is always up and running we have a dedicated service team to respond to your service and maintenance needs. Depending on the number of operations each day, an automated bollard system needs to be serviced annually a little like a car to ensure system longevity. ATG’s service team can respond on a case by case basis or support full maintenance contracts with a 4 hour call out, 24/7 if needed.

Product Information

With the move towards smarter cities, it’s time that we start thinking about smarter traffic control, that’s where ATG Smart City Traffic Management Systems come in. ATG Access has over 15 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and installing traffic management systems in counties and cities across the world. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a great traffic management system, and so we’ve made sure our VP Traffic System is one of the most versatile out there, giving you complete flexibility in how you want it to operate. Approved by the Department of Transport and the Highways Agency, our traffic management range was the first approved rising bollard system to be installed within a public highway.


Powered by our custom-built control panels and software developed by ATG, our Control Systems are the brains behind the VP Traffic range. Depending on the application we can build a control system to meet your needs. For example, in a city centre you might need raise and lower speeds of 4-8 seconds, while a bus lane would need a control system with a faster cycle of 2-4 seconds.

Not only does our custom control system mean that it can meet any number of traffic control applications, but it can also integrate into any new or existing access control system you require. The possibilities are endless.

Unique to the VP Traffic Range, our remote monitoring feature gives you data at the touch of a button letting you see in real time the status of each system. This will give you a better idea of how your system is being used on a day-to-day basis. If any of your automatic bollards go into fault due to system or user error, the system will send you a notification in a format you choose, allowing you or our service team to proactively fix any issues.


Controlling traffic flow is a key part of any traffic management system and with the VP Traffic management bollards you can choose whether to have single direction, bi-directional or a twin lane system. Making the VP Traffic system an effective traffic calming measure for any kind of layout.

ATG designs their traffic management systems with a number of safety features, above and beyond standard requirements. All of our custom made control systems consist of programmable logic controllers and software, above ground hydraulic pumps for each bollard, induction loop detectors, solid state relays and other, additional safety components. Each bollard is fitted with 2 limit switches and a proximity switch ensure a very safe system operating methodology.

All information from our bollards (limit and proximity switches), traffic columns (access control) and induction loops (vehicle presence) is sent back to the control system. ATG’s software is written so the above information is detected and allows the control system to proceed with the commands dictated within the operational methodology which is agreed with each individual client.

When it comes to safety it’s not just about choosing the right system, but also making sure it’s looked after. Our world class service and maintenance team are always on call to help ensure that your system is always operational. Depending on what level of response time you need; we have silver, gold and platinum contracts available and a team of highly qualified service engineers based nationally.


When it comes to developing a smart city it’s important to not just be smart but also secure. For situations where you need added security we have the VP HD bollard. The VP HD allows you to protect the more vulnerable areas of your city. The VP HD bollard has been successfully impact tested in accordance with the PAS 68 standard, stopping a 1,500 kg vehicle travelling at 32 kph. The VP HD can be retroactively fitted into existing VP Traffic systems if you are looking to upgrade to a higher security design or can be installed as a completely new system. The control system design and bespoke operating methodology still applies to this product; it just delivers the added piece of mind that the product has a level of certified impact resistance; whether that be for accidental vehicular impact or intentional.

Technical specifications

Bollard Height Above Ground
700 mm

Foundation Depth
1,200 mm

Bollard Finishes
Supplied either in black or stainless steel with two yellow reflective bands as standard. LED lights are also available to increase visibility if required.

Security Rating
DETR approved – safe for highways operation. VP HD model is certified to BSI: PAS 68 V/1,500(M1)/32/90:0/0

Operating Times
2-8 seconds raise and lower depending on client operational requirements

Control System
External hydraulic pump and PLC based software

Safety Measures
Induction loops, proximity and solid state relay switches coupled with a traffic signal column