SP1000 Automatic Bollard

The SP1000 high security bollard was the first of ATG's high security bollards to be successfully impact tested, nearly a decade ago.

Technical specifications

305 mm/350 mm sleeved
Height Above Ground
1000 mm
Foundation Depth
1,933 mm
Finishes Available
Available in a variety of finishes; Galvanised, RAL colour or fitted with an aesthetic sleeve.
Security Rating
V/7,500(N2)80/90:0/10 ASTM: M50 P1
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Product Information

The SP1000 Automatic Bollard is the first ATG Access high security bollard to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing program, becoming one of the strongest automatic bollards available in the security market.

The SP1000 Automatic Bollard is hydraulically operated and capable of a high number of operations per hour. Able to be integrated with additional and existing security measures, this high security rising bollard can be specified to protect against high-velocity attacks. Available in a complementary fixed bollard and shallow mount bollard variant, the shallow mount version of the SP1000 has the shallowest foundation on the market with a civil installation depth of just 112mm.

The SP1000 range of bollards sits at the very top of the ATG Access high security product portfolio. The first of our high security bollards to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing program, the SP1000 Automatic Bollard also complies with the ASTM standard. First hit at 48 km/h (30mph) by a fully laden 7,500kg truck, then at 80km/h (50mph) with a fully laden 7,500kg truck and, on each occasion, the SP1000 performed a complete dead stop of the vehicle.

Ideal for high security perimeter protection for sites where depth of foundation is an issue, and for infrastructure requiring a high level of protection. This product is one of the strongest in today’s perimeter security market. Supplied as standard in either a galvanised or RAL colour finish with two yellow reflective bands to increase the rising bollards visibility. Alternatively, the SP1000 Automatic Bollard can be sleeved, ATG Access have a wide variety of sleeve designs available and can accommodate bespoke designs if required.

Applications this bollard will protect include government infrastructure, airports, stadia, prestigious sites, crown estate and railway sites. ATG Access is the leading manufacturer of PAS 68 and IWA 14 impact tested bollards, blockers, and barriers. To find out more information on products or to request a quote visit our contact us page or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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