SP1000 Shallow Mount Bollard

Shallow foundation bollards can be fitted around street corner curves, installed to accommodate existing street furniture items and avoid the disruption of service networks and cabling underground.

Technical specifications

305 mm / 323 mm sleeved
Height Above Ground
1000 mm
Foundation Depth
112 mm or 150 mm
Finishes Available
Hot-dip galvanised, coated to any RAL colour specified or fitted with an aesthetic sleeve
Security Rating
V/7,500(N2)80/90:5/14 (150 mm) V/7,500(N2)64/90:1.2/3.1 (112 mm)
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Product Information

The SP1000 Shallow Mount Bollard is easy to install and is PAS 68 rated. Available in two variants, 150mm as standard and an even shallower 112mm model.

The SP1000 Shallow Mount Bollard is available in two PAS 68 certified variants.

The 150 mm deep shallow foundation variant has been successfully PAS 68 impact tested with a 7,500 kg vehicle travelling at 80 kph (50 mph).

An even shallower version is available, requiring just a 112 mm depth foundation. This variant is successfully PAS 68 impact tested to withstand a 7,500 kg vehicle travelling at 64 kph (40 mph).

Shallow foundation bollards are quick and easy to install and can be deployed causing minimal excavation and site disruption. Some existing sites have had completed and commissioned installations within just 2 days.

This also means that in comparison to traditional, full depth bollards – the cost of civil installation for shallow foundation products is significantly less.

Shallow foundation design also enables effective perimeter protection to be installed within urban environments which typically have a dense network of underground services which cost a fortune to redirect.

The SP1000 Shallow Mount Bollard has all parts hot-dip galvanised to ensure maximum corrosion protection. In addition, the product can be coated to any RAL colour finish specified.

The shallow mount bollard can be supplied with reflective banding or DDA compliant banding to increase visibility for pedestrians.

Alternatively, the bollard can be fitted with a decorative sleeve. ATG Access has a wide variety of stainless steel or more traditional style sleeves available to suit client and site requirements.

An automatic variant of the SP1000 is available for areas where vehicle access is required.



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