SP400 Shallow Mount Bollard

ATG Shallow Foundation Bollards can be installed around street corners, existing street furniture items and avoids the disturbance of service networks.

Technical specifications

203 mm (219 mm sleeved)
Height Above Ground
986 mm
Foundation Depth
172 mm
Finishes Available
Hot-dip galvanised as standard, coated to any RAL colour specified or fitted with an aesthetic sleeve.
Security Rating (PAS 68)
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Product Information

Unlike most PAS 68 rated high security bollards the SP400 Shallow Mount Bollard has a dramatically reduced foundation depth required to install, making it ideal for city centre applications.

The ATG Access SP400 Shallow Mount Bollard has been designed specifically to protect critical national infrastructure. In some cases a site may require a high level of security yet have insufficient depth to be able to dig a traditional depth foundation to accommodate a fixed high security bollard. This could be due to a dense network of underground services within a city centre application or the product being installed within a suspended slab mount.

The SP400 Shallow Mount Bollard on the other hand only requires a depth of 172 mm to install. Minimal time and disruption are needed to deploy the physical security measure, ensuring a perimeter is secured quickly and efficiently remaining pedestrian permeable. The shallow mount bollard can be fitted with a multitude of aesthetic sleeves ensuring the security product fits into the surrounding environment and site.

Having been successfully impact tested under the British PAS 68 crash test certification, the SP400 shallow mount bollard has arrested a 7,500 kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph (30 mph). Multiple complimentary products are available from the SP400 range including a lift-out bollard, automatic bollard, and telescopic bollard variant to deliver a holistic perimeter security solution for clients.


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