SP50 Fixed Bollard

The high security fixed SP50 bollard is tall and slim; offering a galvanised, painted or sleeved finish. This product provides a cost effective, impact tested solution for your perimeter security requirements.

Technical specifications

273 mm
Height Above Ground
1,080 mm
Foundation Depth
570 mm
Security Rating (PAS 68)
Finishes Available
Hot-dip galvanised as standard or alternatively coated with any RAL colour specified or fitted with an aesthetic sleeve.
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Product Information

The ATG Access SP50 Fixed Bollard is a PAS 68 bollard impact tested to withstand a 7,500 kg truck travelling at 80 kph. Ideal to prevent high velocity, vehicular attacks while keeping a perimeter pedestrian permeable.

The SP50 Fixed Bollard is available in a variety of finishes. This PAS 68 bollard is hot-dip galvanised as standard to provide corrosion protection. Additionally, the high security bollard can be coated to any RAL colour specified or fitted with a decorative sleeve to ensure the model fits into any urban or traditional street scene. The SP50 Fixed Bollard is a cost-effective way to secure your perimeter from any vehicular attack, with SP50 high security bollards used to protect sites around the world.

High security, automatic products are available within the ATG Access product range to compliment the fixed high security bollard. Automatic bollards allow a protected perimeter to have controlled vehicle access points where required. Our Titan MK II is impact tested to withstand a 7,500 kg truck travelling at 80 kph and is available with a manually retractable and automatic version. While the ATG Access Stealth Bollard is tested to the same certification level and achieved zero penetration when impacted. This model is our strongest and most cost-effective automatic model.

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