Stealth Automatic Bollard

The Stealth Automatic Bollard is IWA 14 rated and has been designed so that it can be used as a completely new product or retrofitted into an existing system.

Technical specifications

230 mm
Height Above Ground
996 mm
Outer Casing Depth
1,506 mm
Finishes Available
Hot-dip galvanised and finished with a polyester coating in any specified RAL colour
Security Rating
Single, IWA 14: V/7,200[N2A]/80/90:2.4 Double, IWA 14: V/7,200[N2A]/80/90:0.8/10.4
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Product Information

The Stealth Automatic Bollard has been tested to the newly introduced, international IWA 14 impact test standard with a 7,200 kg truck travelling at 80 kph (50 mph) and achieved less than 1 metre of penetration.

Designed to be installed as a completely new product or to be retrofitted into existing foundation systems, the Stealth Automatic Bollard is an ideal solution for replacing out of date legacy rising bollard systems which are increasingly difficult to maintain.

In the past, the replacement of automatic bollard systems would traditionally have required the removal of an excessive, reinforced concrete foundation and rebar which would not only cost an extortionate amount of money but also cause site disruption which would leave an access point unsecured for months at a time. ATG Access’s retrofit option has been engineered to be fully serviceable and the physical conversion takes less than one day per automatic bollard, making it ideal for quickly replacing systems at high-security sites.

The Stealth Automatic Bollard was originally designed at the request of one such customer who had a set of rising bollards which were no longer able to be serviced at a critical security entrance. Since the request, they have replaced all of their rising bollards, successfully upgraded and replaced with the new Stealth Automatic Bollard.

One of the client’s primary concerns was the poor corrosion protection afforded to the existing bollard foundation. ATG Access utilised a technology developed for the North Sea oil industry to protect the foundations for another twenty plus years. The Stealth Automatic Bollard really is remarkable in many ways, as well as being incredibly strong, the Stealth will remove the headache of costly and disruptive automatic bollard replacement.

ATG Access is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-security automatic hvm bollards with all of our impact tested systems meeting either PAS 68 or IWA 14 certification.


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