Super Shallow Bridge Protection System

Designed by our engineering team for bridge protection, our new super shallow technology has depth of only 40mm.

Technical specifications

273mm (front face) 133mm (side profile)
Height Above Socket
1065 - 1155mm (depending on floor finishing)
Finishes Available
Black Manganese Steel Primed; optional corporate logo crest
Security Rating (PAS 68)
V/7,500 (N2a)/48/30:0.4
Security Rating (IWA 14)
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Product Information

Shallow Foundation

Having pioneered shallow mount technology since its invention, ATG Access is proud to introduce our shallowest technology yet. This innovative new shallow bridge protection system sits within just a 40mm deep base plate, allowing a bollard structure to sit within a bridge kerb.

For the purpose of testing this new technology our Westminster high-security bollard was fitted into the super shallow foundation structure and tested at a shallow angle of attack to be suitable for bridge protection.

The bollard was tested ar 48kph (30mph), with an angle of attack to simulate a realistic bridge attack.

The biggest challenge when it comes to bridge protection is ensuring that the structural integrity of the bridge deck is not compromised when installing security measures. Our new technology solves this with its super shallow foundation structure.

Tested to both PAS 68 and IWA 14 the bollard was tested in an array of five achieving a penetration of less than 1m.

The foundation and socket design can incorporate other bollard types and shapes if required. Aesthetically, the bollard can look however is required above ground to suit the surrounding area and urban design.

Bollard Overview

Our new shallow mount technology was tested with our prestigious Westminster, heritage style bollard. The Westminster bollard is instantly recognisable with its ribbed profile and peaked top.

Within the front facia there is a specifically designed section to enable a corporate logo or crest to be inserted and supplied with a primed finish as standard.

The bollard is manufactured from micro-engineered steel which has high impact resistance and the ability to absorb massive amounts of energy without fracturing.

This type of steel also benefits from having anti-cut and anti-vandalism properties.

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