Vehicle Barrier Bar

The ATG Access Vehicle Barrier Bar is an incredibly strong and completely unique security solution.

Technical specifications

Widths Available
8,000 mm (up to)
Height Above Ground
800 - 1,100 mm (Bar Height)
Foundation Depth
From 300 mm
Security Rating
Finishes Available
Hot-dip galvanised as standard and then coated to any RAL specification required.
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Product Information

The ATG Access vehicle barrier bar, provides a unique solution to prevent a vehicle borne attack from penetrating a secure perimeter.

The VBB utilises a hydraulically activated, reinforced horizontal bar that is stored below the road surface to permit vehicles to pass over it. To secure the required perimeter, the reinforced bar is raised from the opening to the deployed position. The standard rate of deployment is between 3-5 seconds, or less than 2 seconds with the addition of the optional Emergency Fast Operation control.

When the bar is deployed, it provides resistance to vehicle intrusion, with its proven stopping power able to halt a 7,500kg vehicle travelling up to 80km/h (50mph). The latest version of this unique product also provides a shallow mounted foundation design as a product option.


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