Security Products Guide

From driveway bollards to crash tested road blockers, we have designed and tested countless security products…

Safety products versus security products

Before you can find the right security products, firstly you need to work out what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to control the flow of vehicles, restrict vehicle access or do you want to exclude vehicles completely? As soon as you have a clear security objective, our diverse product range should meet your requirements whether the end goal is for safety or security.

What is your risk?

Depending on your site, you may be at risk of vehicle theft, ram-raid, accidental impact or a planned terrorist attack. Once you have determined the right risk level, it is easier to establish which product range is suitable.

Site Conditions

Some sites have challenging installation conditions for security products. If you have a mass of underground services or fibre optic cables running directly underneath your site, traditional full depth security products may not be feasible. Likewise, if your site has a high water table, product choice may need to be considered very carefully. ATG enjoys a challenge so let us recommend the right product to accommodate your sites quirks.


We understand that any security measures which are due to be installed need to blend into the surrounding environment. Security products can add to the landscape and help put an additional identity to your site. Likewise, if security measures need to be integrated into existing street furniture or security measures this can also be achieved.

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Want to see our products in action? You can view the crash test footage for our bollards, road blockers and barriers over on our Youtube channel.

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