Stealth Automatic Bollard


Tested to IWA 14, the Stealth Automatic Bollard is an automatic system with integral hydraulics that can be retrofitted into existing systems. 

Technical Specification

Height Above Ground
Foundation Depth
Security Rating
IWA 14: V/7200(N2A)/80/90:2.4
Security Rating
IWA 14: V/7200(N2A)/80/90:0.8

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Designed to be installed as a completely new product or to be retrofitted into existing foundation systems, the Stealth Automatic Bollard is an ideal solution for replacing out of date legacy rising bollard systems which are increasingly difficult to maintain.

The Stealth was the first British product to be impact tested under IWA 14-1, successfully withstanding a 7,200kg vehicle in both a single and double bollard array. In both tests, the Stealth achieved fantastic results, with the bollards remaining operational even after being hit by such a large vehicle. Thanks to its unique design and integral hydraulics the Stealth can be installed as a completely new system or retrofitted to update legacy ones. 

Retrofit high-security products are needed when historic installations become increasingly difficult for the owner to service and keep operational.  To replace entire systems with new products normally involves the costly and disruptive removal of huge reinforced foundation structures. This issue can be solved by treating existing outer casings with corrosion protection and then retrofitting a solution like the Stealth. 

When it comes to security we understand the importance of longevity, as such the Stealth Automatic Bollard has been designed with reliability and serviceability in mind. Driven by hydraulic power, the Stealth automatic bollard system can have either an external HPU or an integral pump.

It comes sherardized as standard with two machine bands and a stainless steel top. We can also supply the product painted to any RAL colour specified or fitted with a stainless steel sleeve. For greater visibility, there is also the option to fit the bollard with LED lights. 


Crash Test Footage

The Stealth Automatic Bollard has been successfully crash tested to IWA 14-1, successfully stopping a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 80kph (50mph). 

The Stealth bollard achieved a penetration rating of 2.4m. Watch the video to see the Stealth Automatic Bollard in action. 

Stealth Automatic Bollard Crash Test

Download the specifications

Stealth Automatic Bollard Datasheet

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