Progress is No Barrier for ATG Thanks to CoBaCo

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Progress is No Barrier for ATG Thanks to CoBaCo

CoBaCo Helps Drive ATG Success

From humble beginnings, ATG Access, based in the North West of the U.K, has now become one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-security bollards and barriers. The current owners of the company Glenn Cooper, Robert Ball & Heather Cooper make up the parent company’s name CoBaCo.

Since purchasing ATG Access six years ago, CoBaCo has taken the group turnover from 5 million to a substantial 17 million in the latest financial year.

The motivation behind the acquisition was driven by the growing demand for anti-terror security measures and access control barriers in reaction to the growing global terror threat.

CoBaCo spotted an opportunity to take the already established ATG Access products and provide the existing portfolio with innovation and market changing engineering. This enabled the company to become world leading providers of access control, anti-terror perimeter security solutions and vehicle barriers.

Complex construction projects need highly trained engineers and technically advanced solutions. ATG Access is at the forefront of these solutions with a comprehensive research and development programme to constantly innovate perimeter security products; this is at the heart of our business.

ATG Access has grown by 70 percent over the last year and has exported products all over the globe to the Middle East, Asia, the Gulf, Europe and the U.K.

We are on track to grow a further 20 per cent again during the financial year 2012-13. This continuous success can be attributed to strategically developing the ATG Access brand internationally and expanding our manufacturing facilities in the USA, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and the UK.

The company has become a global solutions provider offering a wide variety of perimeter security solutions, project management, installation and after-sales service arrangements.

ATG Secures Big Projects

Due to ATG Access’ high reputation for delivering quality projects and engineering – over the last twelve months we have secured a variety of large contracts such as the London 2012 Olympic Games and the London Paralympics. We have manufactured and installed a whole range of security products to multiple venues used during these prestigious events.

Internationally we have secured orders for the Abu Dhabi Investment Centre, the Angola Total Head Office, a variety of British Embassies and Government offices to name but a few. Recently we have invested successfully in our barrier business and this, in turn, has further attributed to our overall company growth.

Serving a variety of sectors both nationally and internationally such as retail, transport, governmental and private, ATG Access products can be seen in everyday life without you even realising.

As innovation and cutting edge engineering are vital to ATG Accesses success we have recently developed a variety of new products.

Our rapidly deployed surface mount bollards can be installed at a phenomenal rate of six in just over ten minutes. Due to the unique way this bollard system is installed it provides PAS 68 certified protection via the simple use of an anchor point at each end of the bollard array.

This negates the need for the bollard system to be bolted down, meaning you can easily and quickly deploy these products without damaging surfaces.

Another market leading product is our SP400 ‘Independence’ bollard. The bollard may be raised and lowered by inserting a square socket tool into the chuck of a battery operated drill. In the absence of a battery operated drill, a hand operated brace device can be used.

Whilst still remaining an aesthetically pleasing product the SP400 ‘Independence’ benefits from innovative engineering which eliminates the need for a power supply to raise and lower the impacted tested bollard. This is perfect for remote applications which require PAS 68 certificated, retractable bollards for access control.

The future of ATG Access looks very bright and is a credit to the CoBaCo group. The constant investment in research and development has excelled ATG Access to become an internationally recognised brand which is growing month by month.