Whitepaper | Protecting the Future
 of Multi-Functional Cities

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Whitepaper | Protecting the Future
 of Multi-Functional Cities

Our city centres are no longer just areas we visit when we want to shop at our favourite high-street stores or grab a bite to eat. Over the past few years, they have undergone a significant transformation and are now multi-functional cities, often filled with bustling markets or playing host to marathons and interesting multicultural events.

To help councils, town planners, and event organisers gain an insight into public opinions on the growing trend of multi-functional public spaces, we asked 1,000 members of the public about the local events that take place where they live, the impact these activities have on their city or town, and the obstacles and barriers that can prevent events from taking place, such as security concerns.

What does our Report Cover?

  • The growth of multi-functional cities and the rising importance of public events
  • The benefits of multi-functional cities
  • The concerns that still remain around multifunctional cities
  • The need for security to be improved to make people feel safer when visiting public events
  • The security measures most favoured by members of the public.

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