Record-breaking Year As ATG’s Profits Hit All-time High

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Record-breaking Year As ATG’s Profits Hit All-time High

ATG Profits & Revenue Soars In Record-breaking Year

Gavin Hepburn, ATG Access Managing Director
Gavin Hepburn, Managing Director ATG Access

It’s been a record-breaking year for us here at ATG Access with turnover and profitability hitting an all-time high. During the last financial year (2017/18), our turnover rose an impressive 12%, from £15.6 to £17.5million, beating our previous record.

Not only did turnover soar but our profit before tax (EBITDA) nearly doubled from £805,000 in the 2016/2017 financial year to a whopping £1.546million this year.

Expansion Overseas Drives Growth

One of the biggest drivers for ATG’s growth over the last year is its continued expansion into markets overseas. This year has seen us forge new partnerships in regions such as Germany, Spain, China and Turkmenistan.

Over the last year, we have seen a larger volume of enquiries for impact tested bollards, blockers and barriers. One reason for the increased demand for hostile vehicle mitigation solutions is the rising threat of vehicle-borne attacks.

With global terror threat levels remaining there has been a greater awareness surrounding the need for physical security products.

Gavin Hepburn, Managing Director at ATG Access, said: “Over the last couple of years, it’s become clear that there is a growing need to improve critical national asset security, in response to the growing threat of vehicle ramming attacks witnessed across the world.

“We’ve therefore worked hard to design and manufacture innovative and state-of-the-art perimeter security solutions that can be tailored to various security requirements.

“It’s fantastic that authorities and security personnel from across the world are turning to us for security expertise and solutions to help keep people safe and these latest figures are a testament to that success.”

Surface Guard Is A Breakout Success

Surface Guard Barrier At Blackpool Switch On
Surface Guard Deployed At Blackpool Switch On

Another factor which made a huge contribution to this year’s growth was the breakout success of our new hostile vehicle mitigation barrier the Surface Guard.

Launching this year, Surface Guard has made huge waves in the temporary event security market protecting events across the UK and abroad.

In this year alone the Surface Guard has been deployed over 250 times, with notable events including the Biggest Weekend festival, the London Marathon and the Blackpool Illuminations switch-on.

Designed to protect crowded temporary events, the barrier is capable of stopping a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 32kph, allowing for hostile vehicles to be mitigated.

It’s lightweight and quick to deploy nature made it the ideal solution for the recent NFL events in London and the Proms In The Park at Hyde Park.

ATG Brand Is Growing Globally

Bollards Orchard Road Singapore
Orchard Road, Singapore

It’s not just in the UK that ATG is becoming recognised as the leading supplier for physical security. Over the last year, we have seen significant global interest in ATG products.

As a leading exporter in the North West, we now supply security solutions to 42 countries including Australia and Singapore.

The last year has seen some big projects overseas with Singapore’s shopping hotspot Orchard Road now secured by ATG products. Another big international project was Centennial Park, Australia where our bollards have been used to protect the prestigious urban park.

The Surface Guard has also been generating interest around the world, with the barrier being used to protect the Fourth Street Live event in Louisville, Kentucky as well as becoming a hot topic outside Tivoli Gardens, Denmark. Surface Guard products have also been shipped to Japan, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Qatar and Singapore for launch events.

Ensuring that ATG is the name on everyone’s lips, we’ve been hard at work attending security shows around the world. In the last quarter alone we’ve been to SEECAT Japan, Security Essen and MILIPOL Qatar to name just a few. That’s not all though as we have Intersec, Dubai and Security & Policing in the UK still to come!

With everyone at ATG hard at work and high demand for our security products, next year is set to be another record-breaking year.

Stephen Purkis, Finance Director at ATG Access, said: “We are extremely proud of this fantastic financial performance, and the next financial year looks set to be even better. We have already delivered £1.75 million EBITDA after five months and we expect to deliver £3 million EBITDA by the end of the next financial year, with a turnover of over £22 million. With a very strong order book already spanning the globe, we are likely to have another record-breaking year.”